Our main goal is to offer a range of natural, simple and honest cosmetics to people who love to take care of themselves and the environment.


The brand

Cocooning Love’s body products are packaged and handcrafted with love in Montréal. We only use 100% natural ingredients and do not test on animals. Our motto? “We pay attention to what we eat; why not do the same with the products we apply to our skin?”


Our goals

We want to raise our customers’ awareness on the need to reduce their ecological footprint in everyday life. It is also important for us to show that respecting the environment can go hand in hand with a quality beauty routine. Finally, we want to promote how important it is to take care of yourself and to love yourself.

Environmentally friendly

No to plastic

We are currently living through a plastic crisis. It invades our surroundings. It is everywhere. We did not want to add to the problem, so we decided not to use any plastic bottles for our products. We only use glass containers which are reusable and recyclable and offer better stability for the ingredients in our products. There are, of course, a few disadvantages such as the weight or the possibility of breakage, but we believe that the advantages outweigh the bad. We also use cardboard packaging for products that cannot be sold in glass containers, like our deodorants and lip balms. It is our duty, as a company, to make a difference and to share it with society.