Dry shampoo


This dry shampoo absorbs hair sebum while giving volume and shine. It will allow you to space your washing.

Iris powder: absorbs excess oil and cleans the scalp while delicately perfuming

Arrow root: “Arrowhead” owes its name to the traditional use of this plant by the Arawaks. These Indians used it to extract poison from wounds caused by poisoned arrows. It has an absorbing power and gives a soft and silky touch to powdery mixes.

Orange powder: brings shine, softness and suppleness to the hair while perfuming them pleasantly.

Multani Mitti: This Indian clay is used to cleanse and purify skin and hair. Particularly popular with oily skin and hair, it gently removes impurities and dead cells.

Light scent of tangerine, orange and iris flowers

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Sprinkle a small amount on the hairline. Leave for a few minutes. Brush as usual to fade the shampoo dry or shake the hair with the hands simply.

Do not open the 5 holes on the lid to sprinkle. One to two is enough.

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Orange and iris


120 g


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