Vegetal Tooth Powder Charcoal


White clay is one of the basic ingredients of natural toothpaste because it contains the following properties:

-It cleans.
-It has an alkalinizing action.
-It helps to deflate the mouth.
-It remineralizes the teeth.

White clay has purifying and astringent properties that make it a product of choice for brushing teeth! Abrasive, the clay rids teeth of toxins and bacteria that have accumulated there. With its neutral pH, the clay toothpaste also remains very soft and does not attack the gums.

The charcoal is detoxifying and purifying, cleanses the mouth and neutralizes bad breath.

The bicarbonate polishes the enamel and makes the teeth white by eliminating stains.

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100% natural spearmint powder with vegetal charcoal.

Use: Soak your dry toothbrush in the toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual.

Format: 30 g


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