Rewards Program

A program that rewards you for your loyalty and your commitment to Cocooning Love.

How does it work?

Over the years, we’ve gained so many loyal customers that we’ve decided to start giving back. As a Cocooning Love customer, you are automatically eligible to start earning points for your engagement within the store. Here’s how it works.

$1 = 1 LOVE point

Earn points for your engagement

Create an account

+ earn 100 points

Make a purchase

+ earn 1 point for every $1 spent

Leave a review

+ earn 50 points for every review

It's your birthday?

+ earn 200 points

Your loyalty

+ earn 100 points for every 3rd order

Spend $100 or more

+ earn 150 points

Use your points for discounts in the store

Use your LOVE points to benefit from discounts in the Cocooning Love store.

500 LOVE points = $5 discount
1000 LOVE points = $10 discount

Start accumulating points now!

Already a customer?

If you have an account on, you are automatically registered. Simply place an order or leave a review on your favorite product to start earning points.

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Not a customer yet?

Simply create an account to earn your first 100 LOVE points. You will continue to earn points for your engagement.

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